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We also cater to the need for different types of energy products; sourcing and supplying products to residential and corporate clients. Our efforts are currently focused on downstream distribution, whilst we look towards being an active player in the upstream market.

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Energy is life

Thane energy operates in the downstream sector. With a comprehensive petroleum network, we are able to supply and distribute petroleum products to the door steps of our clients; residential and corporate. We supply Diesel (AGO) Petrol (PMS) Kerosene, Jet fuel, liquefied natural gas (LPG) and other petro-chemicals.

The petroleum products we distribute are sourced from refineries and major portage depots host of others in and out of Lagos, we also partner with some of the nation’s petroleum products transportation companies. Our partnerships and affiliations ensure that we are able to source and effectively distribute petroleum products to when where they are needed.

Our goal for the future, is to be an active player in the Upstream and midstream sector.

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