Project Development

Thane Project is the core of our operations; it covers the designing, construction and building for assigned projects. We execute to taste and international standards. As such, our objective is to be a profitable leader in commercial, retail and residential real estate.

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Every project is a statement; an opportunity to innovate. As such, we aim for the stars with ideas and our design approach for every project wet are assigned. We are proactive in daily executions of our projects hence we save time, save money, by connecting our people to deliver above and beyond the norm.

Our aim is to be a leading construction company in Nigeria by providing overall planning, Coordination, and execution of construction projects, be it from inception to completion, rehabilitation and refurbishments, our team is tailored to fir the size and complexities of any given project.

We also affiliate with other local and international firms of similar discipline to provide the followings:

  • Design and execute construction of roads, building (private public)
  • Urban and Rural houses
  • Bridges
  • Landscaping and horticultural designs

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