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At Thane International Services Ltd, One of our Core competence is Procurement Services of all levels, be it federal government institutions, state governments, M.D.A of federal parastatal. Our track records shows profound dexterity at which we discharge our duties to our numerous clienteles and establishments.

What You Need Is what We Get

Our track record over the years place in us an enviable positions this we have achieve through our skilled professionals with proven excellent records. Through our research & development unit we have cave a niche for ourselves with utmost professionalism in our engagements. Our procurement unit is made up of skilled professionals with proven excellent
records in R&D. They put their expertise to work by helping source for
much needed equipment and machinery required by clients to be made
available upon request. Hence, we are duly registered licensed
government contractor.

We have gained valuable experience in many areas resulting in the expansion of our business activities. Our procurement unit is manned by highly skilled professionals with proven excellent records in R & D. They are responsible for suppliers sourcing, buying, expediting orders, and inspecting the manufacturing of equipment and bulk material as well as organizing delivery and logistics of both local and foreign business transactions most especially when it involves importation of heavy equipment and machinery.

We work tirelessly to ensure we provide support to clients through the provision of dedicated procurement services, this we do through aggressive message dissemination and proper field and market intelligence.

We help our customers by keeping them up to date in equipment and machinery technology worldwide, we represent a handful of international/foreign industry, while making sure that the local industry is been encouraged by training and re-training of
individuals and staff where such level of training is unavoidably needed. We make sure that equipment, machinery and service is delivered promptly and within the contract agreement time.

Some of Our Clients

Over the years, we have been trusted to deliver on notable projects for our clients, we continue to deliver and hope that you entrust us with your projects now and in the future. which Include Notable Private Individuals, and also Some Public Institutions such as:


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